Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Welcome to My Blog on the Victoria Seals

I am a baseball fanatic who lives in Victoria, BC. I must say, I was thrilled to learn last fall that professional baseball was returning to Victoria. I'll be following this fledgling team, the Victoria Seals of the Golden Baseball League, fairly closely this year. So I thought that I'd turn my observations on the team into a blog.

It's clear by now, with the home opener set for this Friday, that the team will be getting quite a bit of play in the local media. The owners, Russ and Darren Parker, obviously know what they are doing and have done a good job getting the local media involved in promoting the team. However, I'll be writing about some of the things that you won't see in the T-C, including some critical comments when necessary.

Be warned, I'm opinionated and I'm not easily swayed by facts. I also worked for a minor-league team for one glorious season.

Feedback is welcome, but keep it constructive please.