Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Final Thoughts

Well, so endeth the inaugural season of the Seals. It had a bit of everything - Seals being 2nd in league attendance, installation of a nifty new scoreboard, the smashing of the 2nd inning score on said scoreboard, foul balls littering the streets, Seymour, Elvis impersonators, and the list goes on.

I learned a lot about the GBL this year. I learned they used the DH. I learned that players for non-playoff teams are effectively rented out at the end of the year to contenders in a number of leagues with the strong hope (by me!) that they will return. I learned that Major League teams are skittish about a good character guy with a bad hip but have no problem letting bad character guys wander their fields, tainting their game. I learned that a warm night at the field in Victoria means one less layer of fleece. Most importantly, I learned that baseball belongs in Victoria so for you faithful, be sure to tell 2 friends. And then they'll tell 2 friends. And so on...and so on...

All in all, a successful debut season, I'd say, and I am optimistic that Victoria will continue to embrace the team in its sophomore year. In the words of the Governator I hope you'll join me in saying "I'll be back".