Friday, July 30, 2010

The Seals versus the City of Victoria

The tug-of-war between the Seals and the City of Victoria has continued in the media spotlight over the last couple of days:
  • Cleve Dheensaw wrote an article in Friday's T-C downplaying the confrontation between the two parties. However, Kate Friar (Director of Parks, Recreation and Culture for the City of Victoria) seems to be using a defense strategy of claiming that the city is technically complying with their contractual obligations to the Seals. Darren Parker makes an excellent point: You wouldn't expect a pro hockey player to drive a Zamboni, so why does the city expect pro baseball players to work as groundskeepers during and after the game? Can you imagine the glass breaking at a Salmon Kings game and having Wes Goldie and his teammates install a new pane while 4,000 fans wait? Of course not.
  • A portion of the lineup to be endured
    in order to gain the right to purchase a beer
    at a professional ballgame in Victoria
  • Kate Friars spoke with CBC radio on Friday morning on the relationship between the city and the Victoria Seals Baseball Club. The most outrageous part of the interview is when she refers to the "4,000" fans at the Chico Outlaws game (it was 4,753) and then understates the situation by saying there were "a few longer lineups than we'd like." A few? You had a better chance of getting a beer at a St. George Roadrunners game than you did here on Tuesday night (they are dry in that particular Utah ballpark).
  • Darren Parker was also interviewed by Gregor Craigie on CBC radio on Thursday morning. Note: After following this link, advance to the 11:44 mark to hear the interview with Darren.
I recommend you contact Kate Friars and let her know how much the Victoria Seals mean to you. Perhaps tell her that the Seals need a permanent home run fence. Or tell her what you think of the concessions at RAP or the beer lineups when more than 3,000 fans are in attendance. Or maybe tell her what you think of professional pitchers having to prepare their own pitching mound. To send her an email, click here. If you prefer to talk to her by telephone, her number is (250) 361-0355.

Seal Blubber Bits
  • The Seals blew a 7-1 lead on Friday night to fall 8-7 to the St. George Roadrunners. Isaac Hess got roughed up something fierce and he gave up 7 earned runs (including 11 hits and 3 walks) in 5 2/3 innings. This may end up being a game that the Seals look back on at the end of the season and ask "What if...?".
  • Wilver Perez stole his 49th base on Friday night to move to within two of the GBL record for stolen bases in a season.
  • The Edmonton Capitals and Calgary Vipers both lost on Friday, so the Seals didn't lose any ground in the second-half standings. They still trail the Vipers by 3 games in the North Division standings.
  • The three-game series between the Orange County Flyers and the Victoria Seals on Monday and Tuesday will be played at Fullerton College instead of the Flyers' usual home park at Cal State Fullerton. The Flyers will not be charging admission fees for these games. That's right, the games between OC and Victoria will be free! The Director of Media Relations for the Flyers, Josh Feldman, explains the situation by stating that "We want to showcase our product elsewhere." Hmmmmm...