Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Off-season plans for the VSBB

As the GBL season draws to a close, and Chico battles it out with Maui for the league championship, we have taken a bit of a break from the Blog to reconnect with family, work, friends, and my TV remote. But all is not forgotten, and we have been discussing an exciting off-season lineup of hard hitting journalism to keep our fair-weather sport close in your thoughts.

A few things you can expect to see over the coming months:

  • A recap of news surrounding the upcoming league meetings, where the future of the league and many of its teams will be discussed and decided.
  • Exclusive interviews with past and present Seals and members of the Seals front office staff.
  • Updates on player moves, trades, and call-ups.
  • Exciting trivia, perhaps even with prizes!
  • And as the season draws near, reports on Winter league happenings, player signings, and spring training action.

In short, we'll make something out of nothing to keep you entertained through the off season while you wait patiently for the next time you can rest your rear end on what could be the most uncomfortable seats in professional ball. Perhaps we'll even discuss those (the seating issue, not your rear ends).

So check back often, keep us on your facebook updates, and keep in touch with the VSBB all winter!