Saturday, November 13, 2010

Back from the dead?

OK, Seals fans. I am truly confused.

Two days after "ceasing operations", the Victoria Seals have exercised the 2011 contract options for Jeff Duda, Matt Edgecombe, PJ Bevis, Andrew Arreola, Henry Calderon, Mike Koons, Joe Sergent, Jino Gonzalez, Jason Kershner, Terrance McClain, Colin Moro, Wilver Perez, Tim Rodriguez, Charlie Strandlund and Brandon Villafuerte. One can only assume that these options have been exercised in order to give the Seals the right to sell each player to the highest bidder. Or is there more to it?

But wait, there were more surprises today... WREX in Rockford, Illinois is reporting that the Rockford RiverHawks will join the GBL in 2011. In addition, three other Northern League teams (Schaumburg, Joliet and Lake County) are expected to join the GBL and Omaha is another possibility. These moves would gut the Northern League.

Apparently, the GBL might contain 16 or 17 teams next year featuring four divisions: Canada, West, Midwest and Texas. Even if the five aforementioned teams join the GBL, where will the other 12 teams come from? Edmonton and Calgary could obviously be part of the Canadian division, but you can't really have a two-team Canadian division (the Winnipeg Goldeyes just left the Golden League for the American Association). Then again, maybe another league might merge with the GBL.

If you can shed some light on the situation, please leave a comment to this blog post. Stay tuned.