Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Just some random musing based on my few trips to see RAP this year:

1) Am I crazy, or does Issac Hess look like Sir Edmund Hillary standing on that mound? Maybe it's because I never get to sit so close to a diamond, but I am an ex-pitcher and if I had to throw from that mountain, I'd take the escalator up.

2) I'm just waiting to hear the first real crash of a foul ball hitting a car, setting off the car alarm. Or better yet, when Mrs. Williams out in left field gets fed up with duct taping he goldfish bowl back together for the 15th time and writes a letter to the TC. Hey Cleve, go interview her and be the first to get the scoop! I love the fact that Pembroke St is our Waveland Ave

3) Tell me that you don't love the fan interaction with the team. I mean, could you ever chat to A-Rod during a game without him either a) totally ignoring you b) spraying you with pepper spray or c) sending his posse after you. I've heard the Seals talk with fans casually many times, even interjecting when one fan asked to his buddy if they used the DH. But hey fans, let's not be obnoxious about it. Enjoy the spontaneity and let them play ball.

4) Stop saying these are warm summer nights. Comfortable, maybe. Warm, no way. Kobe Bryant has a warmer personality than a Victoria spring evening. I didn't have to put on a fleece when I was in San Diego!

5) I like the support of the Victoria fans so far but let's talk foul balls. I've seen many land in the stands and never seen one caught - glove or no glove. Don't worry so much about spilling your chai latte on your hemp sweater you Victorian tree-huggers. Lunge forward, spill your beer on the dude in front of you and let me hear the smack of your hand. For once I beseech you to act American!