Thursday, July 9, 2009

On Hiatus

The four musketeers will be attending Baseball Extravaganza XIII this weekend, so you will most likely not see any blog posts relating to the Victoria Seals until Monday.

BBE XIII will be held in Seattle (for the first time) from Friday to Sunday and we'll squeeze in a side trip to see the Tacoma Rainiers on Thursday for a Thirsty Thursday promotion ($2 beers!!). Believe it or not, that's not the cheapest beer for a Thirsty Thursday. The Asheville Tourists (Asheville, NC) offer $1 drafts on Thirsty Thursdays. With the possible exception of Fireworks Night, Thirsty Thursday is the most popular promotion in minor-league baseball. Too bad the members of the temperance movement at Victoria City Hall will most likely never allow a Thirsty Thursday in our fair city.

(Right) An advertisement for Binghamton New York's Thirsty Thursday promotion. (Below) Thirsty Thursday at PGE Park in Portland. Nobody is watching the game, but they are all having a great time!