Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bret Boone's impact on ticket sales

It's pretty obvious that Bret Boone will have a positive impact on ticket sales for the Victoria Seals. But here's an angle that may not have been readily apparent: Boonie (aka "The Boone") is so popular in the Pacific Northwest that we might just see a few more American visitors kicking around Royal Athletic Park this summer. Check out the post in the Mariners Blog on the Everett (Wa.) Herald web site:
Brace yourself Victoria, Boonie's coming back to the Northwest
By Kirby Arnold 
The Victoria Seals of the Golden Baseball League made an announcement today that brought a smile to my face.
It also brought back memories of a guy who was never afraid to poke as much fun at himself as he would teammates or, gulp, reporters. A guy who more than once ran through the clubhouse wearing nothing but a pair of chaps. A guy who played with as much passion as anyone I've run across in the game. A guy who couldn't corral his emotions on the day the Mariners let him go, when the end of his playing career became painfully apparant despite his intense desire to keep it alive.
Bret Boone, the guy who cried the day he left the Northwest when the Mariners released him, is coming back as manager of the Seals, the independent team in Victoria, B.C.
The Seals' season runs from May 21-Oct. 6, and I have a feeling this will be a perfect summer to take a ferry ride to Victoria.