Friday, March 26, 2010

Coaching musings on an early spring day

As a Cincinnati Reds Fan, no one is as pumped as me to have Bret Boone at the helm of the Victoria Seals this year. In fact, I am secretly hoping that - with the new no-DH rule and limited rosters - he one day "accidentally" manages to exhaust all his players and in a final double substitution, inserts himself into the game at second base. Just like that famous player-manager of old - Peter Edward Rose - I'd love to to see Bret step up to the plate in any situation. I dare ya' to throw that cheese at him now, meat. Go on, I dare ya!

And as I adjust the elastic on my Chris Sabo-like glasses, I can't help but ponder who Boonie will pull in as Pitching Coach. There are rumours that it may be an ex- MLB player so my mind starts whirring. Gus speculated earlier how cool it would be if it were Randy Johnson but not sure the Big Unit would be ready yet for prime time. Reporters would just have to keep their heads up for fear of that sparkling personality shining its way through his fist (watch out Cleve!). I'm guessing though, that it would be some other guy out there who Boone played with in Seattle or Cincy.

Since I have never been hindered by the facts, let me speculate. OK, I lied earlier, I'll start with the Big Unit! What a great way to break into coaching by jumping into independent baseball. I mean, I doubt there are networks beating down his door to get him on the air and we all know he loved the game by how long he stuck around (effectively, I might add). It's unlikely though, so let's move on to Cincy. What about a guy like John "Guy" Smiley? He pitched with Boone in the mid-90's when the Reds hovered around .500 and his career was sadly ended early with a broker humerus. He's gotta' be itching to get back. Plus, he was born on St Patrick's day so what a lucky charm to have along! Or better yet, what about a guy like Mike Remlinger. He also played with Boonie on the Reds and was then part of a trade with Boone to the Braves in 1999 for Denny Neagle. I mean, you play beside and get traded with the guy, and then make it to the World Series with the Braves...could build a lifelong bond, no? Maybe they've stayed as pen-pals all these years? Well, what do you say? Anyone got any better thoughts while I am loading my Remlinger-2010?