Thursday, May 27, 2010

Boone resigns

In an unexpected move, Bret Boone has resigned as manager of the Seals per an official announcement on the team's website. The reasons cited were personal in nature and he is returning home to California to be with his family. Kip Gross - the current pitching coach - will take the reins as inteirm manager. Josh Arhart was already acting as a player-coach and it is expected that Brian Rios will now also jump in to aid in this capacity.

No details have been released but the statement makes it sound like this is a permanent situation so a new manager search should start immediately. Darren Parker pulled off quite a coup getting such a high profile manager as Boone, so we'll see if he can repeat it now that he is under the gun once again.

Stay tuned and we'll report as we get information.