Sunday, May 30, 2010

Home stand wrap-up

The Seals had to put the brooms away after another entertaining ball game at soggy and cool Royal Athletic Park as they fell in the series finale to the Orange County Flyers by a score of 6-4. Although it felt a bit like the game slipped away in the mid-innings, if you had told me a few days ago that we would go 3-1 aginst an undefeated Flyers team, I would have been ecstatic.

Kyle Wilson pitched a solid 5 innings allowing only 3 hits and striking out 8 as the Seals built up a nice 3-0 lead and seemed to be cruising. Flyers' hurler Byung Hyun Kim also pitched well but clutch Seals hitting helped chase him in the 5th. In a painfully slow few middle innings, both teams had some untimely errors and when the dust settled, OC had a 1 run lead. The Flyers added one more in the 8th for the 6-4 final.

Wilver Perez had a great game at the plate for the Seals with 3 hits including a frozen rope home run and swiped another 3 bases. Despite missing a line drive just above his head, which should have been caught, he had decent game in the field. Josh Arhart and Chris Van Rossum chipped in as well with 2 hits a piece, including a solo shot by the Awesome one late in the game to pull the Seals within 1.

But the miracle jar was empty and another come from behind win was not to be on this damp Victoria afternoon. I'm sure the boys are as excited (as anyone can be for a roadtrip) to be head to AZ where they may actually have to put on a bit of sunscreen.

The Seals got on umpire and fan un-favourite John De-Loser in the first inning when they complained about an inconsistent back foot movement by Flyers' starter Kim. Chris Bodisbaugh took one for the team by getting ejected early on as the Seals bench began chirping at the umps to grab the cajones to make a call on the ex-MLB hurler. He was quickly followed an inning later by interim manager Kip Gross who vehemently argued that an "AL" should be inserted in the middle of BK's initials for this foot movement. While it really had no bearing on the game, I believe they had a case here as it was inconsistenent and definitely NOT part of B(AL)K's"normal" pitching delivery. In any case, it was entertaining listening to the hearty and vocal crowd members make chicken noises each time BK made a move to first. Late in the game, even the OC bench was ragging at DeLuca for his low and inconsistent strike zone. Funny how he is the only one of the crew to make himself so visible. Maybe it is everyone else who has a problem, not him...I'm just sayin'....

In any case, I would say it was a great first homestand as the Seals head to a drier climate with a nice 6-3 record. It sure was an eventful beginning - they lost their marquee manager, played the first double-header and had 3 walk off wins. They held OC's potent offense to single digits in all four games after they had scored at least 10 or above in every game prior to playing the Seals. Having said that, the Seals have not yet hit the double digit mark in offense and are in need of a good "wake up the sticks" game. The fact that they are 6-3 is a trubute to stingy pitching, decent defense and clutch hitting. Let's hope it continues. Good luck on the road boys, see you on the 8th!