Monday, May 24, 2010

Box Score

I'm an old-school guy. I listen to sports on the radio, I tell my kids that I walked to school 5 miles each day (uphill both ways in chest-deep snow) and I love to read the newspaper. In general, I think the Times Columnist does a great job covering the Seals with articles every game day, but riddle me this Batman- why don't they print the box score?

I know that I can get it from other internet sites, but as I settled down with my coffee to read the paper Saturday and Sunday morning, I longed to pore over these more detailed stats that perfectly summarize a ball game. Even as I hunted in today's online edition, I couldn't find it. How much room does a box score take up anyway? I propose to get rid of some meaningless "filler"and use that space. I mean, who really cares about the Rex Hospital Open golf tournament or the LPGA Sybase Match Play Championship - each of which hogs space big enough to fit a box score. Familiarize the local team with the sportsheads out there by getting the names in print. They print the Salmon Kings game summary, so why not the Seals' box score?

As an aside, even though the picture above the article on yesterday's game was from Saturday (Maui wore green tops yesterday), there is a great article on the female knucklballer Eri Yoshida. Check it out.