Friday, May 28, 2010

That's my Victoria

Tonight's game against the OC flyers has been CANCELLED due to "unplayable" field conditions - a first, but probably not a last for the Victoria Seals. It's rumoured that the Seals looked at the weather forecast for the next 40 days and 40 nights (OK...for at least the next week!) and will use the time to build an arc.

So in lieu of a game report, let me throw something out there for Seal's fans to pass the time until Mr. Sunbeam decides to make another appearance.

With Gus' previous reference to "Cronin the Barbarian", he got me thinking that our boys need some nicknames. All sports players need nicknames. Think of the good ones out there - "The Human Highlight Film", "Prime Time" and my favourite from the baseball world, "The Big Hurt". So given that, here are a few that I could dream up, but I'm always open to new suggestions/additions. Here are a few to get us going:

Shane Cronin "the Barbarian"
Brian "Inky" Rios...OR Brian "Blame It On" Rios...OR (if he were #8) Brian "Ocho" Rios
Eric "Chip" Pringle
Chris van "Awesome"
Josh "Captain Jack" A-r-r-r-rhar-r-r-rt
Aaron "La Grande Unite" Easton (he is in Canada now!)
Terrence "T-Mac" McClain
Sean "Flash" Smith...OR "Windy City" Smitty
"Skip" Gross

I've got more, but I'll leave it at that for now...expect more as the season goes on and personalities take shape!