Friday, June 25, 2010

DUST (Darth's Useless Stupid Trivia)

A quick serving of unrelated food for thought:

1) The Number 10 - I believe that 10 runs is a magic number in the GBL. I maintain that it is a threshold of runs that every team should strive hard to achieve offensively and protect defensively as much as possible. Al McGuire used to say that 17 was a magic number in basketball and if a team got up by 17, the game was over, no matter what happened the rest of the way. I believe the same is true for 10 runs in this rock 'em sock 'em league.

So far this year, teams have scored 10 runs a total of 54 times and this has produced 49 wins. In other words, only five times has a team scored 10 runs and lost. Only Tijuana has not scored 10 runs in a single game this year (hmmm...look where they are), followed by the Seals with three games (one being a loss). Conversely, the top two teams in each division - Maui, Yuma, Calgary and Chico - have done it a combined 26 times (all for wins).

2) Producing Leaders - A while back, we collectively implored the Seals' team leaders to start producing and good things would happen. I consider the team leaders (by example and by seniority) to be T-Mac, Brian "Inky" Rios and Josh Arrrrrharrrrt. If you look at their recent four games, these Three Amigos are a scorching 22-for-44 (.500) with Inky leading the way at 9-for-14 (.643). My call is that if they keep this up, pitching remains decent and you add in the team chemistry that was created by the "Scrap at the RAP", this team is on its way a big way.

3) Daniel Nava - Talk about a debut in the show...this ex-GBL-er stepped up to the plate for his first ever MLB at bat for the Red Sox a couple of weeks ago, and crushed the first pitch he saw - a Joe Blanton offering - for a grand slam. This is only the second time that a player has hit the first pitch he ever faced in the majors for a Gland Slam. As well, he is now one of only four big leaguers to ever get a Slam in his first MLB at bat. Nava started his career playing for the Chico Outlaws in 2007 where the Red Sox bought his contract for $1 (yes, 100 cents!). Better than a Mc-value meal at Rotten Ronnie's! This remains his only homer in 11 games, but he is hitting .350 so keep your eye on this guy, he is going places.