Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Seal Blubber Bits - Food Poisoning Edition

With the Vipers in town and now recovered from their bout of food poisoning, we offer up these tasty Seal Blubber Bits. Sit down and enjoy -- but for safety's sake, don't drink the Tijuana water.
  • In the second game of Tuesday's double-header, Calgary first baseman Brent Metheny got a base hit in the first inning and then called time and wandered towards the Calgary dugout. A few feet in front of the dugout, Metheny doubled over and tossed his cookies on the Royal Athletic Park grass. Mercifully, Calgary manager Morgan Burkhart sent Matt Edgecombe out to replace him and Metheny took a seat on the Calgary bench.
  • In Wednesday's game, won 6-5 by the Vipers, Seymour Seal added some comic relief by going up to home plate umpire Ian Lamplugh and getting him to sign a copy of the Globe and Mail piece written by Tom Hawthorn that describes the ups and downs of Lamplugh's career. Then Seamore walked down the first base line showing everyone a copy of the sports page containing the article -- titled "Kill the Umpire".
  • The more I see Aaron Easton, the more I like him. On Wednesday night, Easton came on in the sixth inning with the bases loaded and one out. He promptly struck out a pair of batters to end the threat and bail out Jason Kershner. The next inning, with a runner on first and one out, Jonny Kaplan hit what looked like a double-play ball right at Charlie Strandlund, but Strandlund booted it to put a pair of runners on. Easton didn't let it bother him and retired the next two batters to end the inning and keep the Seals in the game. After the players got into the dugout, Easton went right over to Strandlund and told him that it was no big deal. Classy guy, that Aaron Easton.
  • Wilver Perez and and Kip Gross have now sat out their three-game suspensions and can return to action on Thursday night at RAP.
  • Brian Rios has hits in 11 of his last 12 games and he is hitting .429 in that span.
  • Dale "Swinny" Swinford has stolen bases in five of his last seven games and is hitting .423 in those seven games.
  • The Knuckle Princess, Eri Yoshida, gets her third start of the season on Thursday night for the Chico Outlaws.  She'll face the Edmonton Capitals in front of her home crowd. Yoshida has a 6.43 ERA in her two starts.
  • After tomorrow's series finale, the Seals play another three games in Calgary on Friday and Saturday before getting a rare three consecutive days off. Victoria then kicks off a five-game series against the Tijuana Cimarrones on Wednesday June 30th. Highlights of the home stand include Fireworks Night on the 30th and a Canada Day matinĂ©e next Thursday.