Thursday, June 10, 2010

Musical introductions

Music soothes the savage beast, and it also introduces baseball players as they come to the plate. The Seals have an eclectic mix of tunes but none more "ear-catching" than that of Terrance McClain. Does anyone know what the heck the name and artist is of that song? "Ooooooooo... ".

I like Chris Van Rossum's choice too (I believe they pick their own music at the start of the year) - nothing like a little John Denver to get the crowd clapping their hands...especially when there is a pitching change and we get to hear the whole song. It sure will be interesting when they change pitchers and T-Mac is up.

I think I would choose a little Ozzy...maybe Paranoid or (at the risk of being cliche) even Crazy Train - something with a unique sound that most people recognize and wake up when they hear it. Or maybe "The Message" from Grand Master Flash or "Fight For Your Right" by the Beastie Boys which both have great openings. At the game last night, in between over-used sound bites of Homer's famous "Woo Hoo", I think I heard some people beside me say they would select "Man, I Feel Like a Woman" by Shania or even "Canadian Idiot" by Weird Al (who already gets play time every game at the Subway sandwich races).

I'm just sayin'...

Editor's Note: T-Mac's song is "Story of my life" by Akon/Billy Blue. You can listen to the full song below.