Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Are the Seals Done?

The current second-half standings show the Seals tied with the Chico Outlaws for third/last place, 4 1/2 games back of the first-place Calgary Vipers. The Seals have only 15 games remaining, 9 of which are against the Vipers. The two teams square off in a three-game series starting tonight at RAP and then they'll head back to the Snake Pit for another three games. The last three meetings between Victoria and Calgary are scheduled for August 21-23 at RAP.

Realistically, Victoria needs to go 7-2 in their remaining 9 games against the Vipers. That would vault them ahead of Calgary, assuming Victoria at least does as well against Orange County (August 18-20) as the Vipers do against Edmonton (August 17-19). On top of that, the Seals will have to gain 4 games on the Edmonton Capitals and one game on the Chico Outlaws before the season ends.

All of this seem possible, but it's quite unlikely. To have a realistic shot at it, they need to start with a three-game sweep of Calgary over the next three days -- and that won't be easy. The Vipers currently have a .649 winning percentage on the season (37-20).