Sunday, August 9, 2009

Free Baseball at RAP... With No Happy Ending

Another odd one at RAP tonight, with Chico coming out on top of the Seals 7-6 in a game that featured some of the most bizarre scoring lines of the year...

  • Starting the bottom of the sixth inning, Isaac Hess was pitching a 3-Hitter, but trailing 5-0. He wasn't helping himself this time, committing 2 errors that led directly to Outlaw runs.
  • Also starting the bottom of the sixth, Chico pitcher Wayne Franklin was throwing a no-hitter. No pitcher has thrown a no-hitter in GBL league play since June of 2005 (interestingly, also a Chico pitcher).
  • The Seals broke the no-hitter in the sixth, and scored 2 runs on a single hit. So after six, the score was 5-2 on only 4 total hits.
  • Heading to the ninth inning, the Seals were stuck on a single hit. Again, thoughts of a 1-hitter surfaced, but the GBL has also seen only a single 1-hitter in it's history. Note that by this time, Franklin was out, and Ryan Tack was on in relief. No idea if there have been more "team 1-hitters".

The ninth inning saw some rally-caps in the crowd, and they actually payed off, as Jamar Hill pushed a 3-run shot over the wall to tie the game at 6, and remove the loss from Isaac Hess's record at the same time.

The Seals were in trouble in both the 10th and 11th as relief pitcher Anthony Pluta struggled with control walking the bases loaded in the 10th, and throwing away a bunt to start the 11th that ended up with a runner on 3B with none away. Another 3 walks loaded the bases, and then forced in the winning run.

Rally-caps in the bottom of the 11th provided no spark, and the crowd left in silence as a light misting of rain fell on the field to end the game. Oh yeah, and it was a freakin-cold 15c by game's end. So much for those California-like nights of baseball!