Friday, August 28, 2009

Wilver Perez Traded to Calgary Vipers

Granny's not going to like this. According to, Wilver Perez was traded to the Calgary Vipers on Thursday. What he was traded for is unclear at this point. Details are very hard to come by, but my guess is that he was traded for cash and "future considerations".

Perez joins ex-Seals Isaac Hess and Sergio Pedroza on the Calgary roster. Hess and Pedroza were traded for cash and "future considerations" on August 18th. Roberto Sotolongo was also traded for "future considerations" on July 31st (he was dealt to the York Revolution of the Atlantic League).

This leaves some obvious questions. For one, what will the team receive for trading away four of its best players once it was clear that the Seals weren't playoff-bound? Also, who's next on the trading block? Seymour Seal?!?!