Friday, August 21, 2009

My Granny’s in Love with Wilver Perez

This post was submitted by Victoria's Poet Laureate, Linda Rogers. We are honoured to have these lovely words grace our humble blog.

(words for a song by Victoria's poet laureate)

He’s a poem in motion; the fans are impressed,
and Granny’s heart’s jumping out of her dress.

Wilver Perez!
When she says his name you know she’s in love.
It fits on her tongue like a ball in a glove.

It happens when Gramps takes his eye off the game.
While he goes for hot dogs, she steals second base.

When Wilver slides home at the top of the seventh,
she believes she has died and gone up to heaven.

The cookies are burning ‘cause Grandma’s not there.
There are weeds in her roses, but she doesn’t care.

The gem on her finger might as well be glass.
The diamond she wants is a field of grass.

But Gramps is OK; there’s a smile on his face,
‘cause her baseball hero’s his angel of grace.

Gramps is still hoping that he’ll score a kiss,
‘cause Granny’s on fire thanks to Wilver Perez.